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  • Overview

    A Program to Fit Your Needs

    A payroll service business can take on many forms, depending on your market and business goals. Whether your business is a full service dedicated payroll provider, a small CPA firm that would like to add payroll service to your clients or somewhere in between, Polaris has a program that will fit your needs perfectly.

    Entrepreneur Programs

    The Entrepreneur programs are designed for businesses where payroll processing services are core elements of your offering to the marketplace. The Entrepreneur programs offer unlimited growth potential and access to our exclusive built-in partner functionality. The Entrepreneur programs are great for existing service providers that want the advantages and growth potential of our cloud based platform or new payroll service bureaus that want to aggressively grow their business.

    Professional Programs

    The Professional programs are designed for businesses and professional firms, such as CPA firms, Insurance Brokers, Benefits Providers, Tax Preparation services and more, who want to offer payroll services to expand their offerings and/or want to prevent attrition to other providers who offer payroll services along with other business services.

    Licensing, Costs and Support

    For each of our programs, there are a number of options related to licensing, start-up costs and ongoing support & maintenance costs, so you are sure to find a program that meets the needs and goals of your business. Please contact us for more details on the licensing arrangements. For all programs, hosting and related infrastructure services are provided by third party hosting facility. Polaris provides updates to the platform as they are made available.

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  • Professional Programs
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