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Polaris Payroll software provides more opportunites for business growth

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  • Revenue Opportunities

    Uniquely Capable of Increasing Your Revenue Streams

    More Ways to Make Money

    Capitalizing on the the power provided by web based technology, Polaris Payroll delivers unparalleled opportunities to increase revenue for your business. With Polaris Payroll, you have the ability to tap into the largest market segment in the industry: companies that process their payroll in-house. You can also profit from companies that use other payroll providers, such as CPA’s or bookkeeping services.

    In addition to providing a better software platform to run your service bureau more efficiently, Polaris Payroll expands your market significantly. When you look at the potential to increase the revenue of your payroll service business, there really is no comparison.

    Get a Bigger Piece and a Bigger Pie

    Three Distinct Methods to Generate More Revenue

    Outsourced Customer. This is the traditional mainstay of our industry. Polaris Payroll provides you with tools that streamline the process and simplify day-to-day operations of your business. By increasing efficiencies, you can process more payrolls in less time, service your clients to greater satisfaction and make your business more profitable.

    Partial In-House (Hybrid) Customer. This feature gives you the ability to gain clients who want to do their payroll in-house, but don’t want the responsibility of specific functions, such as tax compliance. As you can imagine, there are a lot of businesses out there that fit this profile. In this situation, you would provide your client with payroll software, using our SaaS model, to process their payroll. Then, you would provide any services they need. With the ease of use of our tax management process, this service offers a huge potential to generate revenue.

    Do It Yourself Customer. This customer will subscribe to use the payroll software (branded for your company) and process their payroll in-house. In this case, you may be in a position to offer consulting and support services also. This method gives you an opportunity to generate revenue from clients that were previously unattainable.

    Now, Multiply That by 5, 10, 100...

    Exclusive Partner Level Revenue. Polaris Payroll has a built-in Private Label Partner Program, complete with customizable pricing, billing and commission structures. Now, others may partner with you to offer any or all of the payroll services you have available through our software. Accountants, bookkeeping services, business consultants— anyone who wants to— can provide payroll services to their clients through your service bureau. Get as many partners as you want. It will add value and revenue to their business and definitely add revenue to yours.
    ** Please note: Built-in Partner Functionality is only available through our Entrepreneur Programs

  • Outsourced Clients
  • Do-it-Yourself Market
  • Partner Tier Profitability

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