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Polaris Payroll | Web based software for payroll service businesses

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  • Overview

    A Comprehensive System for Payroll Service Providers

    One payroll system to handle every aspect of your business. With many automated functions, processing payrolls is very streamlined and efficient. You’ll be able to process more payrolls in less time. And with our Tax management process, you’ll be able to get quarterlies done in record time.

    You’ll be able to provide superior customer service using our built-in global communication system. Send e-mails, newsletters, and announcements to your clients for building stronger client relations. Clients can receive alerts and notifications for updates on their account activity or pending event.

    One payroll system to handle small to medium size clients.
    Polaris Payroll is structured to meet the needs of each and every client you have.

    Easy to Learn, Easy to Use.
    Designed with the business process in mind, Polaris Payroll intuitive and logical design makes it easy for your payroll specialists to begin processing payrolls quickly. Our training and support will guide you through the advanced features and answer any specific questions or meet any special needs of clients you may have.

    Employer Self Service.
    Assign access levels to your client companies to give them control over various aspects of the payroll process. This helps improve your workflow by allowing clients to update information or make changes prior to a pay run. Additionally, every employee of your client companies will have access to their own self-service portal to obtain paystubs, benefit status or W-2’s.

    SB Administrator’s Main Console

    Service bureau administrators console | Polaris Payroll

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  • Payroll & Tax Management
  • Setup Wizards
  • Time Entry
  • Integrated HR
  • Agency Management
  • Reporting
  • Self Service
  • SB Management

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