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  • Technology & The Cloud

    The Advantage of the Latest Technological Advances

    Polaris Payroll™ is built from the ground up using industry leading protocols. We haven’t had to add-on modules that complicate the function of outdated software technology. Everything is integrated into one flowing system.

    More specifically, Polaris Payroll is developed on the ASP.NET framework and MS SQL Server database and is designed to scale and support significant growth. It does not require any desktop installs, plug-ins, or applets. And, the system is so fast that you’ll think the software resides on your computer.

    Cloud Computing Brings Power to Every Business

    Using the Cloud to host and deliver your services in essence levels the playing field against the large national providers you compete against everyday. The cloud environment provides you the most powerful technology available today, that is both affordable and flexible. Cloud Computing greatly reduces the internal IT costs of a business and provides more business security, for example redundancy and automatic backups, than an internal network. Cloud Computing is at the very beginning of its growth curve and, considering the market trend, will grow to be the predominate method of software delivery for the SMB market.

    A Game Changing Combination

    The innovative thinking behind the Polaris Payroll design and the power and affordability of Cloud Computing combine to remove the limits of growth and profitability of your business. Supported by the latest technology and an ongoing evolution of development, Polaris Payroll offers a business model that is truly limited only by your imagination and effort.

  • SaaS Model
  • Security

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