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Polaris Payroll | web based  payroll service provider software

Meeting the Needs for Today while Positioning Your Business for Growth into the Future

Every step of the process and every component of our software has been purposely designed to efficiently handle all aspects of a payroll service provider business. Polaris Payroll™ has developed many new and innovative features that set us apart from other software providers.

Seamless, Efficient Functionality

Seamless payroll software for payroll service providers

A complete solution for your payroll business.

We fully understand the payroll service business... we’ve been involved in it for over 20 years. We know you’d expect the software you depend on to run your payroll business to easily handle processing all types of payroll.

For us, that’s just the starting point. Our vision and in-depth knowledge delivers a software platform that gives you the tools you’ll need to succeed today and into the future.     Find out more

Multidimensional Revenue Opportunities

More market potential

By meeting the needs of today

Multidimensional revenue business opportunity

and foreseeing the trends in the industry, Polaris Payroll gives you more ways to make money than any other payroll software.    Find out more 

Choose the business solution for your success
Polaris Payroll offers a rare combination of low overhead costs and high growth potential for your business. Depending on your business size and goals, we have a program that is tailored to meet your needs.    Find out more 

Leading Edge Technology

The Cloud and Beyond

Our advanced SaaS platform

Leading Edge Cloud Computing Technology | Polaris Payroll

provides secure access anytime, anywhere. Using .net and SQL Server provides scalability, so you can grow your business as large as you’d like without needing to upgrade your software.

Sophisticated 128-bit SSL encryption, secured servers and automatic data backup ensure y
our data is safe and available when you need it.
Find out more 

Business Information

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Polaris Payroll Software Integration
Integrate your software with our comprehensive payroll platform through our customized API to provide an optimal experience for your clients  Find out more 

Polaris Payroll Offers Business Solution Options to Meet the Specific Needs of Your Payroll Service Business
Polaris has four different solutions so you can choose the program that best fits your business needs   Find out more 

Polaris Payroll Conversion Services
In addition to the software tools within the platform, Polaris offers expert service to convert your clients from their existing payroll software to the Polaris Platform   Find out more 


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