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Polaris is a modern, browser-based system designed to help you process payroll with ease and confidently grow your business.

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The Polaris Payroll System

Built with your business’s efficiency and profitability in mind

The streamlined Polaris system will help you process payroll with speed and accuracy, while scaling your business to an unlimited number of clients.

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Grow faster with multiple sources of revenue

Transform your business into a single destination for all your clients’ needs with HR management and API integration components to offer services beyond payroll.

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A Complete System for Payroll Processing

Cloud Software

The Polaris white label payroll software with integrated HR management offers all the modern functionality you and your clients need.

Revenue Streams

Built to scale, our system enables you to grow your revenue by supporting an unlimited number of clients on a single platform.

Perfect Partnership

Our industry experts are committed to forming a true partnership with your business through top-tier personalized service and support.

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Polaris Payroll gives you the power you need, in a format you want, at a price you can afford.

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