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Profit, and Precision.

Polaris Payroll is a robust, browser-based platform for payroll service bureaus and for businesses who want to offer payroll to their clients with our servicing plan to help you run your business with ease.

Payroll and Tax Management

One payroll system to handle every
aspect of your business.

With many automated functions, processing payrolls is very streamlined and efficient. You’ll be able to process more payrolls in less time. And with our Tax management process, you’ll be able to get quarterlies done in record time.

Polaris Payroll is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the various business and operational models we offer to meet your specific needs.

Various “codes” are setup as templates at the service bureau level and then made available for all Employers. These can then be customized to meet the requirements of each employer and employee.

Set-up unlimited Pay (Earnings) codes, Employer and Employee Tax codes, Deduction codes, Benefit codes and PTO codes.

Flexible service to print and send checks and reports to clients, save as PDF documents or allow your clients to print at their locations.

  • Paperless payroll or print on location options
  • Setup multiple delivery providers, Federal Express, UPS, and more
  • Setup unlimited number of delivery items for printing and distribution to multiple locations
  • Maintain Print and shipping histories

Our built-in tax engine provides the tools you need to manage all tax matters for Federal, State and Local Tax jurisdictions. Tax payment processing using:

  • EFTPS, paper check, online uploads and state e-payments (where available)
  • Global Tax Table setup and management (Federal, State, Local) at the Service Bureau level
  • Tax Return generation for Federal, State and Local taxes
  • Electronic filing for those jurisdictions requiring it
  • Manage all Tax Return Forms
  • Polaris can also create export files for Master Tax and Ceridian Tax Services for service bureaus that use those providers.

Setup Wizards

Onboarding is a snap with our streamlined process.

Easily add a new business, convert existing clients to a new system, or help a new client switch from a different payroll provider in just minutes.

All company and employee data, including pay codes, taxes, deduction codes and more, can be imported and ready to go quickly with the help of our registration and employee setup wizards.

Payroll Data Entry

Multiple Flexible
Methods to Enter
Payroll Data.

Designed with flexibility to meet the needs of any client. Multiple formats for entering payroll data for payroll processing with customizable preference settings for each employer.

For clients with more sophisticated payroll needs, Polaris offers real-time, on-the-fly payroll calculations through our Comprehensive Pay and Single Pay services.

Complete payroll processing in 3 easy steps.

Multiple employees in “pay grid” format for high speed and efficient data entry, allowing for more complex payrolls with allocations, varying deductions, workers comp codes, job costing and more

Includes auto calculation of payroll on screen with all deductions/ taxes to view, with editable fields for in-depth details for one employee at a time

Import from Time & Attendance solutions or custom files directly into the application.

Each company can generate a custom spreadsheet, fill-in the data and import it into the system.

After the Fact payrolls for quarterly reporting and for entering YTD data for clients converting to your payroll service.

Process Certified Payrolls including Job Costing and Certified Reports

Fully Integrated HR

Single sign-on. Single
database. All-in-one

The Polaris HR Management function is fully integrated into the payroll platform. No separate module, no complex integration or third party program needed. We’ve made the workflow very streamlined, while providing the core HR functions that the majority of your clients may need.

Have the flexibility to track an unlimited number of benefit providers, benefit plans, company assets, education & skills, and organizational positions. It will be easy to accommodate your clients’ various needs for keeping track, and having access to, the employee data that is important to their business.

One data entry point for employee benefit plan deductions. Set employee and employer contribution levels in one place and the data automatically populates when you process payrolls.

Easily set up benefit providers, benefit plans and benefit eligibility rules at the company level. Setup templates for tracking special training or certifications. Assign and customize for each employee in a matter of moments with the smartly designed and streamlined interface.

From basic demographic information and emergency contacts to full benefits management functions, Polaris keeps vital data easily accessible. Upload documents, such as a W-4 or I9, for each employee. Keep track of company assets assigned to each employee or create and store notes to keep on record. For those of your clients with access privileges, it is a great resource to quickly access key employee information.

Agency Management

Manage all aspects of tracking and
paying third party agencies.

Worker’s Comp Management

Assign codes and calculate payroll deducted pay-as-you-go premiums or export to third party insurance brokers.

Third Party Agency Management

Easily manage and make payments to third party agencies, such as health insurance or garnishments.

Pension Plan File Management

Automatically track pension deductions and export to various pension plan providers in the required formats.

Integration File Exports

  • Insurelinx
  • The Guard
  • Online 401K
  • Oppenheimer
  • Great West
  • ING & more


Get the payroll, HR, and benefits
insights you need.

Users have access to library of reports and a custom report tool directly from their individual consoles to generate reports on-demand, at their convenience, and export them in various formats.
  • Pay Reports
  • Tax Reports
  • Deduction Reports
  • Benefit Reports
  • PTO Reports
  • General Ledger Reports
  • Cash Management Reports
In addition to having on-demand generation and printing of reports, all users, based upon their assigned privileges, will be able to access a PDF Payroll Document Library and retrieve previously generated documents.
  • Paycheck stubs
  • Direct Deposit advice stubs
  • Tax payment checks
  • Reports
  • Tax returns for employers
  • Employee W-2s

Self-Service Portals

Give your clients access
to the tools they need.

Client Self-Service

Your clients can easily obtain reports, pay data, change employee data and can even completely process their own payrolls, depending on the access privileges you set up.

Employee Self-Service

Every employee of each of your clients has the ability to login to the system to update demographic information, see company alerts or to get pay stubs, W-2’s and pay reports specific to them.

Service Bureau Management

Flexible business rules-based control.

Create global settings to fit the way you like to run your service bureau. From setting roles and permissions for all users of the platform to your preferences in holiday processing.

Manage all cash management transactions including:

  • Net Pay Impounds, Direct Deposit, Fees, Commissions, Tax Impounds
  • Set-up multiple ACH Processors and assign to specific Employers/Clients
  • Create special ACH transactions for processing manual adjustments
  • Comprehensive Bank Account Reconciliation for all Service Bureau level bank accounts

Extensive processing controls, security options and business rules relative to banking and lead time settlement policies for ACH processing and more.

Flexible Billable Item setup to accommodate a variety of billing options, including per item, monthly fixed sub-scriptions, base fee + per pay item, per employee per month and more.
  • Set up billing items at a Global and/or Specific Client levels
  • Structure Billing amounts in tables to provide discounts for higher volumes
  • Manage Partner Billing and Commission Payments

Automatically send system defined or user configured e-mails, or post alerts to user consoles, to notify your clients of important information. Create e-mails to send to any or all users of the system.

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