Provide automated income and employment verifications to your employer customers at no cost.

Safer, more private and faster – The Work Number® from Equifax helps reduce work for your customers and helps keep life moving for their employees!

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How it works

The Work Number from Equifax automates your customers’ employee verifications when those employees are purchasing/leasing a home, a car, or requesting government benefits and more.

Our integration with The Work Number benefits your organization by providing an added-value service offering to your customers which is also provided at no cost to you.

It helps your employer customers by reducing their HR work and risks. Their employees benefit by enabling quicker access for credit and government aid while also helping maintain more privacy.

Automated Service

Forget the paperwork. The Work
Number service significantly lessens
their manual verification workload.

Reduced Risk

The Work Number, as an automated verification, helps lessen risk over
manual HR verification process.

Benefits Employees

Faster and more informed decisions
can improve opportunities for
credit and financial aid.

More than 23% of all instant verifications completed through The Work Number service were completed after business hours or over the weekend.*

The Work Number is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which helps ensure Verifiers have a valid reason to obtain employment information and employees can see who has requested their information and can dispute information that may be incorrect.

The Work Number uses stringent security standards to help protect employee information including data encryption, physical security controls, and user identity verification. Requests are initiated by employees, usually at the time of application, and only accepted from credentialed verifiers.

Don’t want to offer this service?

Income and Employment Verification service will be added to your payroll offering at no cost to your company or your customers. If you don’t wish to participate at this time, contact our customer support team at 866-620-9372 to opt-out.

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